Design System

A collection of responsive elements defining the visual language of Paya's suite of products. Each element is built in the feature-packed frontend toolkit Bootstrap, and supported by a detailed Style Guide.

Loads of customer research, strategy, and use case documentation guided our design. Several outstanding colleagues joined me to interview customers, format the data, and capture the insights.

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Enrollment Process (MSD)

Merchant self-directed capturing business details, account info, and bundle.

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Enrollment Process (C2A)

Sales-directed behind a login with custom digital signature to approve info.

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Single Page Payment

Essential payment acceptance features and alerts designed as borderless modules.

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Overlay Concepts

Range of overlays using various payment modules and scenarios.

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Transaction Receipt

Single page receipt style listing a broad range of possible details.

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Style Guide

Evolving guide to create new features that align with the visual language.